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Artist Statement

Passion for being an artist indulged me early in life – a possession by the spirit and soul of the art process. Blessed with talent, I explored the process of “doing art” – that initial urge to express that passion to draw. This passion to create is my life force – then, and now. Developing drawing and painting styles, mastering techniques, and experimenting with various mediums fuels my abilities to deliver my concepts and visions as a diverse body of work. A body of work that finds inspiration from nature, spirituality, the human condition or political / social events.

Capturing an inspired moment as a drawing or painting gives me the opportunity to share moments of inspiration. No matter the subject matter or the medium(s) used to create my artwork, there is a rhythm – a consistency that resonates from one series to the next.


Colored Drawings


Monochrome Drawings

Mixed Media



Seasons Series

Doors Series

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